The company Raykeea, which publishes the magazine Hôtel & Lodge under its Bleu Petrol brand, organizes the Hôtel & Lodge Awards event: during the evening, the magazine Hôtel & Lodge presents the Awards, divided into 9 categories presented on the Hôtel & Lodge Awards page of the web site.

The key dates (pre-registration of candidates, selection by the chief-editors, deliberation by the jury of professionals) are specified on the Hôtel & Lodge Awards page.

Applications are free and unlimited in number.

In order to be considered, each candidature has to be completed before submission and the specified deadline. Otherwise, the candidature  will not be selected. The submission of the candidature – confirm the  validation of these terms by the candidate, as well as for the – participation and general terms  of sale of the company Raykeea without reserve.. 

Each candidate is allowed to pre-register in up to 3 categories.

Following the pre-registration of the candidates, the selection of the 100 finalists will be made by the editorial committee of Hôtel & Lodge.

This same committee will assign a single category to each candidate from the three chosen.

Once the candidate is selected, they will be notified and are invited to pay a fee of 750€ before taxes confirming the candidature.

In case of delay or absence of payment of this fee, the candidate will be automatically withdrawn from the selection.

Jury deliberations will be held in camera. The selection criteria are variable according to the categories. If you want more details requested, you can contact the company Raykeea by using the form on the Hôtel & Lodge Awards page.

There will be no possibilité  to request a refund, compensation, or any other form of compensation, regardless of the cause.

Each candidate will receive 2 VIP invitations  (valid for one person) for the Hôtel & Lodge Awards evening. If the candidate wishes to invite more than two persons, the candidate is invited to contact the Raykeea company by using the following form on the Hôtel & Lodge Awards page.

Each candidate should indicate the number of copies of the special issue of Hôtel & Lodge, « The 100 most beautiful hotels in the world », that the candidate wishes to receive: 5, 10, 25 or 50 copies. 

In the event that a delivery method outside France or a quantity greater than 50 copies of the special Awards magazine is requested, additional cost will be charged according to the destination. More details on the Hôtel & Lodge Awards page of the website.

Each of the selected candidates will benefit of an editorial in the « 100 most beautiful hotels in the world » issue. This editorial will varies in size, depending on its ranking in the category in which the selection committee has decided to place it.

A trophy will be awarded to each winner of each category, and his or her representative will be invited to appear on stage during the ceremony, without any obligation.

The candidate and any person present at the ceremony and during the event who may have been invited allow the organizer the right to film and take photos and using them for several purposes such as communication about the event, promoting the Hôtel & Lodge brand, and the next edition of the event.

The visuals and contents transmitted by the candidate may be used without restriction by the organizer, whatever the media, the context, and this throughout the world. The applicant undertakes to ensure that this content is free of rights and is responsible for any restrictions of rights attached to it, without the organizer being held responsible in any way. The candidate guarantees the organizer not  any lawsuit related to it.

For the purposes of organizing the event, the applicant authorizes the organizer to collect the data necessary for the proper conduct of the event. The organizer undertakes to use the data in accordance with European and French laws.

The data can be consulted and corrected on request using the form on the Hôtel & Lodge Awards page of the website.

The organizer will be allowed to use the data for promotional purposes, communication with the event participants, including without limit  to brands, business partners, other applicants, stakeholders.

The candidate can be refused for participation if the candidate refuses any of the requirements for the event.

The organizer may modify these conditions at any time without notice.

If the event is postponed, canceled or disrupted due to force majeure or unforeseen circumstances, the organizer reserves the right to retain the paid fees  without the applicant being able to request a refund, compensation or any other form of compensation, regardless of the cause.

This contract is governed by French law, without reference to the rules of conflict of laws. The general conditions of sale of the company Raykeea are deemed read and accepted by the applicant.

If a disagreement occurs during the event between the candidate and the organizer , it is agreed between the parties that an amicable settlement will be considered. If no amicable agreement can be reached, the only competent court concerning these conditions of participation will be the Court of Paris, regardless of the domicile of the candidate.

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